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Collab - PhantomFenton - Friendly Hug by MiniDiren

I really love the cuteness of this picture. I'm not sure if it was intentional but I'm catching a lot of Yin and Yang influences from t...

I find this to be a real interesting take on Princess Luna's lore. The artwork so far is real breathtaking with much of the work so far...

Rarity by Daedric-Pony

First thing that caught my eye on this was the amazing level of detail in the hair on her mane and tail. I really love the fact that ea...

We are all connected by Longinius-II

I like how spiffy your colored works are, but I also think your sketched-out works like this look superb enough to be finished works th...



Hoo boy...this is turning out to be a real doozy.  I've spent so much time on this by now that I'm really looking forward to polishing this off and moving on at this point.  Still, I've grown so attached to Smarty Pants that I feel she deserves a happy ending and am willing to put forth whatever it will take to give her a happy ending.  The good news, not too far left to go!

In this update...Smarty finally meets up with the family and her Study Buddy companions!  She seems a bit shy though...hopefully Twilight can coax her out from behind her tail :D

Finalepreview3 by BerryPAWNCH


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Immortal Puncher of Berries
United States
My name is BerryPAWNCH, and I am a digital artist specializing in parodies and occasional diabeetus. I have committed myself to drawing works of art that satirize, cross over, or otherwise rip existing or original characters a new one.

Most of all, I take an extremely high amount of pride in maintaining an extremely low amount of artistic and intellectual quality. In fact, you will be very happy to know that I have absolutely NO plans to produce any works bearing any social or intellectual merit at any point in the future. THIS IS MY PLEDGE TO YOU!

Thank you for checking out the roadblock to social progress, intelligence, and reform that is my DeviantArt gallery!


-That Guy


Family Reunion: The Smarty Pants Finale by BerryPAWNCH
Family Reunion: The Smarty Pants Finale
:D:D:DBe sure to check out :iconrated-r-ponystar:'s fiction based on this very comic!:D:D:D…

Part 1:
Growing Pains by BerryPAWNCH

Part 2:
Growing Pains II: Family Ties by BerryPAWNCH

And here we are at the end of Twilight and Smarty Pants' journey...and at 25 panels in total, what a way to end it!  Smarty has been revived and now gets a new start on a new life with her childhood friend and mother figure...and now she has a whole new family and a couple of new friends to share some good times with!  It's a bit surreal to see something I've been working on for so long finally come to a conclusion, and even better to see this whole series end on a note that started out with tears of sadness and ended with tears of joy.  What a trip this has been, and thanks to everyone who enjoyed this little mini-series!

I've made a point of having each of these end on a profound and thought provoking description to top them off.  There was a lot of life experience and meaning I tried to include in the last two, to the point that I really can't think of much to add to the discussion of valuing friends and family that I haven't already talked about.  But there is one thing I'd like to end it on, and that's how it felt create and ultimately finish this whole thing.

I've often read a lot of comics and ongoing projects here on DeviantArt, as well as numerous comics throughout the Internet.  One thing I've always wondered was how people even work up the patience and motivation to work through demanding and time-intensive projects like webcomics.  For most of this comic I wasn't sure what motivated me to push through it at times...and I'll admit there were times I wanted to throw my hands up and quit altogether.  This was, after all, a conclusion that was never meant to be drawn.  I meant for the whole series to conclude after the first comic, with everyone hopefully gaining a new appreciation for their childhood and the friends they played with...and judging from the reactions I got, its purpose was definitely achieved in that respect, and so the series could have ended right there.

But then something happened.  I got a ton of comments begging for a happy ending and expressing sorrow for little old Smarty Pants.  The more I read them, the more emotionally attached I got to Smarty Pants.  Suddenly I wanted her to have a happy ending, and couldn't just leave it at the tragic fate that befell her at the end of the first comic.  I wondered how I could possibly end it on a happy note and mentally juggled Smarty's happiness with the sheer effort it would take two put out two more EXTREMELY time intensive comics just like the first one...including this finale, by far the longest of all three.

In the end, I decided I would give it a go.  I wanted to challenge myself to give Smarty an uplifting and happy ending that she deserved, because I grew attached to her so much as a character.  I felt I had created something...someONE truly special, and wanted the best for her, even if it meant sacrificing a lot of time and effort, and pushing aside a ton of ideas I've really been wanting to get done to do so.  As I'm sure everyone who has patiently stuck with me throughout this comic realized, this turned out to be a very long project in the making, and by far the most ambitious thing I've completed so far.  I've ended a former tragedy on an uplifting note, and I'm sure many will appreciate that Smarty Pants got the happy ending she was looking forward to.

It's a rather bittersweet feeling, knowing I won't be drawing any more of this series, and that something I've been artistically inspired to do for so long has finally been brought to an uplifting conclusion. I guess it's common for artists to feel this way, experiencing a sense of creative emptiness or perhaps exhaustion after completing a huge ambitious project, and then asking themselves, "What's next?"  I feel as though a miles-high mountain I've been struggling to climb for months has finally been conquered, yet now I wonder what other mountains there are for me to climb.

There are a couple ideas I've been juggling in my head for a while.  So far the biggest one is a webcomic about the adventures of Princess Berry Punch, this Princess of the Almighty Bottle from way back when:

Princess Pinot-Noiria: Character Reference by BerryPAWNCH

But that's a story for another update.

In the meantime, I would like to say my final thanks now that this series has concluded:

Thank you to Twilight, for coming around and reuniting with your childhood friend, and giving her a new start on a new life.

Thank you to Spike and the Elements of Harmony, for growing up with Twilight and providing her the circle of friends and support network to see her through all times good and bad.

Thank you to Twilight's rockstar husband Flash Sentry and their daughter Starwish, for reminding Twilight of the importance of being there for your family and spending quality time together.

Thank you to Smarty Pants, for inspiring me to embrace the challenge of writing and drawing a comic as ambitious as this, providing me the opportunity to learn and grow as an artist in ways I never thought possible.

Thank you to Goody Two Shoes and Baby Know It All, you adorably wacky little Study Buddies you.

And finally, my biggest thank you to every one of you who commented, faved, and shared this little labor of love of mine, and provided me with the support that powered me through to the end.  I don't think I could have finished something this lengthy and ambitious if it wasn't for all your words of encouragement and appreciation.  You are what made this comic happen, you are the people who inspire me to contribute works like this, and I am deeply grateful for all the great support you've shown me throughout this project, and indeed, ever since that shaky day several years ago when I was browsing this site and wondering if I did indeed have what it took to even start a gallery here on DA.  Meeting all of you online and in person was well worth it...and man has all of it been a trip.

From all of us here at the Sparkle and Friends household...stay classy, everybody.

Hoo boy...this is turning out to be a real doozy.  I've spent so much time on this by now that I'm really looking forward to polishing this off and moving on at this point.  Still, I've grown so attached to Smarty Pants that I feel she deserves a happy ending and am willing to put forth whatever it will take to give her a happy ending.  The good news, not too far left to go!

In this update...Smarty finally meets up with the family and her Study Buddy companions!  She seems a bit shy though...hopefully Twilight can coax her out from behind her tail :D

Finalepreview3 by BerryPAWNCH
Things have been pretty quiet on my end recently with regard to have a Smarty Finale comic update :D

Finaleupdate2 by BerryPAWNCH

She's baaaaaack. :)
Here we are, six panels into the Smarty Pants finale.  It's been a wild ride so far, looking forward to seeing this finally done.

Finalepreview1 by BerryPAWNCH

*Insert motivational theme for Twilight here. I'm thinking Stan Bush's "You've Got the Touch" would do nicely.*

Keep an eye on this journal and Part II for more progress updates.  :)
Growing Pains II: Family Ties by BerryPAWNCH
Growing Pains II: Family Ties
PART ONE:Growing Pains by BerryPAWNCH

PART THREE:Family Reunion: The Smarty Pants Finale by BerryPAWNCH

I keep in constant touch with a lot of old high school buddies who, by what seems to be society's standards, have "made it."  Through an ongoing process of hard work, personal development, and self-actualization, they have shaped themselves into successful professionals with incredibly prosperous, challenging careers.  They own big homes, drive high-end luxury and sports cars, network constantly with industry big-wigs, and travel around the world.  It seemed to me that they had everything they ever dreamed of, and perhaps more than they ever wanted.

And yet they all have one thing in common: When I asked them whether they would trade anything in the world for the incredible lifestyles and careers they have, they all give me the same answer.

"Eight hours of quality sleep a night, and spending more time with my family."

It really forced me into a paradigm shift; here were all these people I looked to for inspiration and success, and yet they didn't hesitate in a second to trade it in for something so humble.  Something I often get to enjoy but have started to think that all this time I've been taking it for granted.  Moreover, it got me to revisit a question I have been thinking about for a while, and ponder more and more each day:

What does it really mean to be successful?

I used to think being successful meant having a big house, a ten car garage, and all the money in the world, back when I was more naive and unfamiliar with the effort necessary to acquire all those things.  I have since learned that success means very different things to different people.  If you're a caveman, success means bringing down a mammoth to feed and clothe and provide housing for your tribe.  If you're a farmer, success means a bountiful and ripe harvest.  If you're an executive, success is closing a massive deal or making a brilliant decision that provides growth and profits for your business.

And if you're a family man, success is spending time with your children and preparing them to be successful in life, and watching as they grow up, move on to their independent lives, and take on the world.

I haven't had kids yet, so my opinion on this is lacking in practical experience.  However, if there's one thing I'm pretty certain of, I think a big part of what drives people to have children is the desire to reconnect with their past selves.  An inner desire to return to the more innocent days of childhood, and bringing someone new into the world to share the good old days with.  It's an experience that becomes all the more special when that person happens to be your own flesh and blood, and you have the opportunity to mentor your child to become successful in life and enjoy all the opportunities you feel you may have missed out on.

It is because I feel that a parents' child is their own literal flesh and blood, that it is all the more necessary to make the limited time they enjoy together meaningful and special.  From my own experience, 18 years may seem long, but they are gone before you realize it.  The amount of bonding and quality time a parent and child experience together is crucial to how a child will succeed in life, as the behaviors and environment we grow up with in the formative years we spend with our parents will shape every aspect of who we turn out to be, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Spending time together in an increasingly electronic age is becoming difficult when most of us are now tethered to a smart phone, hunched before a computer, or on the run.  The busy and hectic pace of modern life seems to be rooted in an increasing human dependence on technology, which has proven itself a blessing and a curse.  Modern parents seem exasperated and overworked as they deal with the increasing demands of making ends meet and struggling to keep up with juggling family and work.  Often times they will resort to buying kids video games to keep them occupied and buying them fast food since it's the only thing they can have ready on such short notice.  It is a sad reality in this fast paced "modern" society that many parents are often too busy to be there for their kids.

The results of this modern lifestyle are catastrophic, taking its toll on parents and especially kids.  This may be a stretch, but sometimes I suspect a lot of busy parents might buy their kids video games just to keep them occupied and out of the way.  They buy their kids fast food full of processed ingredients and addictive sugars as an alternate means of showing affection for them, in place of the healthy home cooking they would otherwise do if they only had the time.  I'm getting the feeling that this is some part of what has driven society to become increasingly dependent on technology for amusement and distraction, increasingly distant from others as a result of so much electronic communication taking the place of face time, and increasingly disconnected from family life.  Never before has society been so united, and yet so isolated as a result.

And for the first time in generations, or perhaps even history, the youth of today's generation are expected to live shorter lives than their parents.  That fact alone is an alarming wakeup call that something has to be done.

I'm not suggesting that anyone quit their job to go to Disneyland 24/7 with their children; I'd just like to revisit the meaning of success.  It would certainly be awesome to have a lot of nice things, but those fancy cars and big houses aren't things you'll be wishing you had when you are on your deathbed with loved ones (if you are lucky enough these days to be able to enjoy old age).  In any case, those things are merely the by-products of success...NOT the end result.

Success is about setting and achieving goals.  It means pushing one's boundaries to become the best version of oneself, taking baby steps day by difficult day.  Most of all, it means leaving an impact by being remembered as a positive influence on others, and I believe there is no one that anyone will impact more significantly than their own children.  The quality time, bonding, and support that parents offer their children will impact every bit of success they enjoy in the world, and every bit of success adults enjoy as parents.

And so, to the parents of these crazy modern times: It's okay, and even admirable, to work hard.  It's fine to feel overwhelmed sometimes when life gets hectic, as it often does today.  But when you have a child, those eighteen years come and go, and before you know it the children you welcomed into the world that day at the hospital are suddenly out of the house and facing the world, whether they are prepared for it or not.  So take every precious opportunity you have to enjoy the short time you have together, be a valued mentor, create a positive impact, and spend some quality playtime bonding.

The world is your oyster, so take your children's hands in your own and enjoy whatever success means to you together.

Finalepreview1 by BerryPAWNCH

Finaleupdate2 by BerryPAWNCH

Finalepreview3 by BerryPAWNCH


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