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Golly.  My last journal was how long ago?  Just before the Smarty Pants saga got completed?  Dang I am long overdue for staying in touch with everybody.  :(

First of all...the con scene.

I...really don't know if I'm feeling it that much anymore, honestly.

The market for my stuff is slowing down year after year, and I'm actually a couple thousand in the hole looking at records for my business finances.  It's getting to the point where I'm having to keep my fingers crossed making a monumental effort to break even.

To be honest I've been feeling this way for a while, and it really sucks because I do enjoy coming out to these conventions and shooting the breeze hanging out with everybody.  The problem is that I'm finding it harder to justify the expense of coming out to attend unless I can recuperate those costs by selling enough...and the numbers just aren't adding up in my favor.  As a result, I'm taking a short break for the time being to focus on getting my life together and my finances back on track.

My computer has been really acting up lately...not sure what's going on but it will suddenly decide to shut off and restart on its own, and having random problems with the driver software for my drawing monitor.  I lost three hours of good progress on my latest drawing when it crashed a few days ago, and I cannot recall for the life of me how many colorful words I was screaming at my computer.  An upgrade is an order most definitely, once I land a job.  Speaking of which...

I'm in the process of interviewing for a few jobs now, being that I was laid off from my last gig after the company closed down...our branch of it anyway.  Results have been promising indeed, and I may be headed back to San Francisco for a new job if my latest interview goes through!  Definitely keeping my fingers crossed.

Sorry for the doom and gloom update this time around...I wish I had more positive stuff to post, but 2017 is off to a bit of a rocky start.  Nonetheless I'll continue putting my best foot forward doing what I can, and hopefully the next update I'll have a lot more going on.  :headbang:

Thanks for reading everybody.
Hoo boy...this is turning out to be a real doozy.  I've spent so much time on this by now that I'm really looking forward to polishing this off and moving on at this point.  Still, I've grown so attached to Smarty Pants that I feel she deserves a happy ending and am willing to put forth whatever it will take to give her a happy ending.  The good news, not too far left to go!

In this update...Smarty finally meets up with the family and her Study Buddy companions!  She seems a bit shy though...hopefully Twilight can coax her out from behind her tail :D

Finalepreview3 by BerryPAWNCH
Things have been pretty quiet on my end recently with regard to have a Smarty Finale comic update :D

Finaleupdate2 by BerryPAWNCH

She's baaaaaack. :)
Here we are, six panels into the Smarty Pants finale.  It's been a wild ride so far, looking forward to seeing this finally done.

Finalepreview1 by BerryPAWNCH

*Insert motivational theme for Twilight here. I'm thinking Stan Bush's "You've Got the Touch" would do nicely.*

Keep an eye on this journal and Part II for more progress updates.  :)
Things Commissioners Shouldnt Do by purplekecleon
this fellow posted something all commissioners should keep in mind.
"Things Commissioners Shouldn't Do
So I'm really, really tired of dealing with most commissioners. There are plenty of awesome and nice ones out there, of course! But there are a good lot of people who never really learned tact or any sort of social skills and then somehow got a hold of money and a head full of ideas.
Let's start with…
Please don't ever:
1) Beat around the bush - be frank in your desire, don't be a snake.
not many things are more annoying than PMing me or having some small talk with me for 5-10 minutes and then abruptly pretending you just remembered that you wanted to commission me, or wanting to check on if I'm gonna do your picture or not. Just don't do this. Be direct. You don't have to be weird to be direct. It's really easy to go, "so, I was wondering, do you think you'd have time for a commission?" or "hey could you tell me how far you

I'd like to repost this public service announcement due to recent events regarding particular, a VERY negative experience with a recent one that really gave me a downer after a hard work week.

When I work as hectic a day job as I do, while trying to fit in time to hit the gym and look after my health and looking forward to coming home to draw, it really kills my motivation when a commissioner pesters me EVERY HOUR, leaving ten notes in my inbox throughout the day asking the same damn question regarding the details of their request. I get what they're doing, being all up in my ear until I respond, but really...ten notes sent to me every hour on the hour?  Is there any justification for this kind of pestering?  I know I'm a damn busy guy and can't always get around to checking this site, but I try to get to all comments and notes when I can.

But my understanding was that they didn't know my work and life situation, so I gave them a reminder that I work a very busy day job but always get around to answering my messages.  There is only a need to ask a question once, and I WILL get around to answering it, like I do with all comments I get on my work (at least the ones that have value).  I didn't state that asking the same question every hour until I respond gets annoying fast, because...well...that's pretty much common fucking sense to anyone who has more than one working brain cell.

And THEN.  OH BOY.  The day after I let the commissioner know I'm busy at work during the day, the same damn moron asks me THREE TIMES IN ONE DAY, "Is my picture finally done yet?"


I shit you not.  Their exact words, "Finally done yet?"  All while I am busy at work, put an ass-ton of effort into the pictures and comics I am fortunate enough to find the spare time to draw, and most importantly, have asked them once to be considerate of my hectic schedule already.

Why I should have to ask someone to be CONSIDERATE and show some COMMON FREAKING DECENCY in this day and age...I really have NO FUCKING IDEA.

...Anyway, with that goddamn bullshit out of the way, here's another update to that Smarty Pants thing I put on hold to deal with that crap.  I can finally get back to working on this monster of a comic and getting it out of the way.  Here's a couple more panels for it:

Familytiespreview4 by BerryPAWNCH

Coming along...okay, I guess.  It's progress, at least.  The best I can do with life being the way it is, anyway.  
Man, thinking about recent events, much less writing about them...if I didn't quit drinking for good, I could probably use a shot or two.

Or three.  Or four or five.

Thanks to everyone for being patient with all of this without pestering me about it.

Which is more than I can say for SOME people.
Bronycon went well for me...every time I go there I'm still overwhelmed by the sheer size of it, how many people I get to meet, and the amount I earn at my vendor spot.  Seriously, it's one of the decreasing number of cons that's pretty far from me yet is still big enough to avoid a business loss whenever I head down there :O  As much as I love attending cons and putting faces to all the names I meet online, it's often a balancing act when it comes to rising bills and expenses of actually getting to make it down there.  But Bronycon is the one con on the entirely opposite end of the US that I can enjoy without the big ugly debt demon looming over my head, and what a blast it was this year!

I got to vendor next to :iconncmares: and :iconjorobro:'s booth, and across from :icontsitra360: and couldn't believe how much I lucked out with a spot right next to the vendor hall entrance :O There were also a lot of artist, comic creation, and show panels that are always fun to attend...I got a lot of awesome insight into how FiM is made and the creative process behind fan creators' content.  Chilled out with a lot of friends, caught up with a few artist buddies, and overall a great time was had by all.  Definitely making a point to come back next year.

In the meantime, here's an update on the Second Coming of Smarty Pants Electric Boogaloo:

Familytiespreview3 by BerryPAWNCH

The little red guy's name is Goody Two Shoes, and the little pinkie with the calculator is Baby Know It All!  The two newest additions to the Study Buddy doll lineup :D

Also, Twilight is...kind of an ass.  @_@  I know you've got a lot to do, but take five minutes to have some quality playtime with your family, geez.
I'll be at booth #504, so feel free to stop by and chat, perhaps check out some swag if you're so inclined :D  Looking forward to meeting everybody!

In the meantime, here's the progress on the second coming of Smarty Pants Electric Boogaloo:

Familytiespreview2 by BerryPAWNCH

Personally, I think Flash would make an awesome rock star daddy :D
I've got a hotel room for Bronycon squared away at the Baltimore Inner Harbor hotel, about a 5-10 minute walk from Bronycon this year!  It will be a single room with 1 queen size bed, and there are three of us so far.  I'm looking to save more money and get a fourth roommate to split some space with us.  As it is the hotel cost a total of $480, so split between all of us that would be $120 a head.  Is there anyone who might be interested in tagging along this year?  PM me if you're interested and I'll share the details.

In the meantime, I've been working on the second part of Growing Pains!  Smarty Pants will be back by popular demand, and this next addition will star Twilight's daughter and a new addition to the "Study Buddies" doll collection that Smarty Pants belongs to in my weird little headcanon.  Here's the sneak peak on what I've been squeezing in among prep work for Bronycon:

Familytiespreview by BerryPAWNCH

You can probably guess from the color scheme who the dad is going to be :D  Next update is coming soon!
I legit had a dream last night that I arrived at Everfree Northwest, having packed everything except my clothes.

So if you see a vendor booth with a guy who's wearing nothing but boxer shorts, that's probably me.

Happy Underwearfree everybody!
EDIT: Just to clarify, there is no current deadline for paying.  I'm looking to add as many interested people as I can, and will PM payment details once I confirm who would like to ahead with roomsharing.

So I've got a room reserved for this upcoming Everfree Northwest and figured I'd reach out to people here since the con doesn't have an official forum that I know of :C

The room I have reserved is at the Days Inn SeaTac, 19015 International Blvd, SeaTac WA 98188 from 3 PM Thursday, May 12, until 12 noon Sunday, May 15.  It's pretty much right across from where the convention is happening, and is accessible from the airport via free shuttle if you're arriving by plane.  There's also a 7 Eleven nearby if you're into dining as cheap as I am :D

The room is a moderately cozy one with a single queen size bed.  I'm thinking we could fit at least 3 people, perhaps a few more if we let our imaginations run wild with the space and don't mind the extra chaos.  (I'm bringing my own inflatable bed since I've found myself in some interesting morning positions and don't want to risk pulling a FATALITY on anyone in a shared bed.)  I'll be a vendor at this con, but I'm very quick to set up and take down so I won't be getting up or going to bed at crazy hours.

The room itself cost about $300 including all taxes and fees, so I'd like to split this between all of us once I confirm who is interested and able to pay.  I'll gauge interest for now, and I'll post details about payment in a subsequent journal.

So, who would like to save a bit of holla holla get dolla this Everfree?  Please post a comment here or send me a PM if you're up for this.
There was an artist panel I was in at Bronycon about a year ago, where I briefly toyed with the idea of making a Tumblr.  Something along the lines of Robot Luna where she would be like some kinda wind-up doll or something.  The audience reception was pretty awesome, and people seemed really interested in the idea.  I ended on a note that suggested, "Yeah...I'm gonna do it!"

But I haven't.  In fact, looking back through all the works in my gallery, I have realized something...I have drawn almost jack shit for 2015, and that scares me.

I had a revelation today...that I was held back by sheer laziness and feeling mentally overwhelmed by the amount of effort that would be required to make such a thing happen.  It's not even limited to art...this year, I made very little progress in moving forward in my day job, taking up more hobbies, cooking for myself more often, or getting physically fit.  I promised a lot of good things to myself in 2015, and have made practically no progress on anything, just drifting through and carrying forward with the bare minimum.  It's given me a pretty bleak outlook on life I've never noticed I had until looking back and realizing how little I've accomplished this year.

Which brings me to my resolution for 2016: To stop DREAMING about that stuff, get off my fucking ass, and GET SHIT DONE. Start my comic.  Engage in a workout program.  Do more outdoor activities.  Become a more interesting person by following through with what I promise myself and giving people an actual incentive to be interested in what I contribute to the world.

I'm starting out with a challenging to-do list, one of the biggest goals being to start a Princess Pinot-Noiria comic by the end of next week, featuring this adorable little Ponybacchus:
Princess Pinot-Noiria: Character Reference by BerryPAWNCH
I'm planning for the series to take place a few decades after the events of Friendship is Magic, and it will be a crossover with GI Joe and Transformers too.  At this point, I do have the first chapter written up and am 50/50 split on whether I'd like to make it a DeviantArt comic or a Tumblr blog.  One thing's for sure, you will DEFINITELY see it start by the end of next week.

I'm quite intimidated by the amount of work ahead of me, but I'm even more intimidated by the thought of sitting on my ass collecting dust and lard, wondering what could have been if I only gave a shit.  I'm curious to see how long I can sustain this plan of adding new skills and interests to my human toolbox.  However, if I carry through, I'll look back to 1/1/16 and think about not just WHAT I did, but WHY I did it, and the kind of person I became because of it.

TL;DR version: I'm sick of sitting on my ass and making up excuses NOT to do things, when I should be working as hard as I can finding ways to DO things.  So this year, I'm getting off my ass and giving a shit about myself and the world.  Oh, and Drunk Pony Princess comic starting next week.  Best viewed without a hangover!

Stay tuned, and thanks for sticking around and reading.  :)
Whew, what an awesome time at EQLA!  Of course I missed out on a lot of the awesome panels during the daytime, but it was still great heading down and seeing y'all Calibronies.

I did an art trade with :iconlatecustomer: and got a couple of his awesome prints, and got some swag from :icondarkflame75: as well.  I was also vending neighbors with :iconncmares: and met up with Bronycon buddy :iconaquaticsun:, and we managed to sneak in a few good chats during the vending madness.

One thing I really regret was not getting a vending buddy to be a stand-in so I could visit some of the panels and autograph sessions I was hoping to get into...being anchored down to a table can be rough sometimes when you're the only person behind the counter D:

But by far the biggest thing I regret...driving 8 friggin' hours down to LA.  I figured I could easily save around 100 or so bucks by four-wheeling it down there instead of flying on standby as usual.  In retrospect I'm really not sure the constant boredom and wear-and-tear on my car was worth it.  And don't even get me started on LA, it's survival of the fittest/angriest on the streets over there. Definitely flying standby next time...looking back, I have no idea what I was thinking XD

I'm really glad to have been able to make this con, earn a few bucks, and catch up with some Equestrian buddies.  Next stops are Nightmare Nights in Dallas and Ciderfest in Milwaukee...then taking a massive break from the con scene until BABScon (hoping to get in if I cross my fingers hard enough).  Hope those of you who made this one had a great time, and hope to see you at many more :D
Off to EQLA I go!  You can find me at booth number 27 in the vendor area, a little half-table that's pretty much right smack dab in the middle of the hall.  Come stop by if any of you are headed down there; as always I'm up for a good chat and meeting fellow Deviants/bronies/all sorts of peeps in person.

Another piece of great news: My new stylus arrived!  And more importantly, it actually works with my tablet monitor.  Right clicking seems to be an issue, but that's a minor nitpick for now.  I'll be working on catching up with pics and bringing my tablet along with me to polish off the commissions I currently have in progress.  Here's what's happening with the backlog so far:

:icondragonicfox: - Sketch complete, inking and coloring in progress
:icontheorak: - Sketch complete, inking and coloring in progress

Safe travels and fun times to be had for everyone.  I'll see you all at Ponywood!  :headbang:
It turns out that the computer issue I had was a buggy stylus that was no longer sending signals correctly.  Many thanks to a tech-savvy co-worker of mine who tested out my computer this afternoon and troubleshot the exact problem.

I am SO FREAKING GLAD I don't have to buy a new computer or tablet, as I'm having traumatic flashbacks thinking about how much I had to save up and spend for those!  We celebrated his conquest of the Demon Stylus with an awesome dinner at a local BBQ restaurant, a good beer, and a fun movie :D

(On another note, Minions is a damn great movie.  Highly recommended if you're into a lighthearted romp of a toon and have a soft spot for great animation, especially those awesomely adorable Minions :D )

I've ordered a new stylus which should be delivered early next week.  In the meantime I'll sketch out everyone's commissions the traditional way, which should speed things along once my tablet is good to go again.  I apologize to everyone for the delay.  Once my new stylus arrives, I'll start artsing it up again.

Looking forward to drawing up some mad piccies! :headbang:
My current laptop has blown up on me and is no longer working with my least not well.  So I've got to take the old girl to the doctor and see what's going on...if she's shot to dust, I guess now is the time to bite the bullet and replace the old girl.  Well, not necessarily too old since I've only had her for a little less than a year... :/

To those currently waiting on commissions, I am very sorry for the unexpected delay.  I will return to completing all drawings and take down this journal entry once the new computer is set up.  Ugh, these random expenses are really killing me... :C
Hey guys, due to hitting some hard times with work cutback hours and being broke, I'm officially opening up the queue for commissions! Here's what I have available:

DIGITAL SKETCHES - ANY CHARACTER: Basic lineart of any character design you request. These do not include a background. I will also send a file of the original lineart to your email in case you'd like to color or shade it in later.
  -One character = $7 Paypal, 600 DA points
  -Additional characters = $5 Paypal, 400 DA points per character

MY LITTLE PONY CHARACTERS: Any character from the show or OC based on the show, including mane 6, Spike, princesses, or background ponies. Fully inked and colored, can be drawn in adult or filly proportions, or Equestria Girls style.
  -One MLP character, no background = $20 Paypal, 1600 DA points
  -Additional MLP characters = $12 Paypal, 1000 DA points per additional pony
  -Additional non-pony characters = $20 Paypal, 1600 DA points per additional non-pony character
  -Add in digitally drawn background = $20 Paypal, 1600 DA points

ALL OTHER CHARACTER TYPES: Inked and colored humans, anthros, animals...your imagination is the limit, so let it run wild!
  -One character, no background = $30 Paypal, 2400 DA points
  -Additional characters = $20 Paypal, 1600 DA points per additional character
  -Add in digitally drawn background = $20 Paypal, 1600 DA points

Once you've decided what you'd like to order, send me a PM to arrange details for payment. Please be as specific as possible in describing what you would like to order, and include design references for your character, as well as links to any reference pictures you would like their poses or backgrounds to resemble.

Sometimes I like a pic enough to turn it into a print, in which case I will ask your permission upon completion to sell it as one at conventions. If you are okay with this, I will send you a print with any autograph and/or special message you would like written on it. I will also include a free postercard-size doodle of any single character you like, pony or otherwise.

Your commission will be added to the queue once payment is received. Current commissions in progress or pending will be posted at the bottom of this journal.

Thank you very much for your interest, and I look forward to artsing it up for ya. :)

:iconpurewebbster: - COMPLETE! 8 Bits are GO
:iconbonesatellite: - COMPLETE! Spike Kicks Ass
:iconvoltronz1: - COMPLETE! Mighty Morphin' Fashionistas
:icondragonicfox: - Payment received, sketch in progress
:icontheorak: - Payment received, sketch in progress
I hope to see you guys there!  I'll be at booth 525, so feel free to stop by, hang out, maybe acquire some Berryswag if you'd like to go crazy.

Going to be roomsharing with :iconaleximusprime: for this one, hoping downtown Baltimore doesn't get out of hand XD  Have a great Bronycon everybody!
I'll be selling pony and pony accessories at Table 70:

If you're coming to this one, please drop by and say hello.  It will make me all feel happy and squishy inside, or something similar! 8D
Well, I never thought I would have to say this...but it's Lurkin' Time! :headbang:

That is to say, I'll be going on a temporary hiatus while I'm handling a pretty big moving project to Nevada. It won't be too long, about a week or so. Though I don't really know how long that time is actually perceived here on the wide weird world of the Net, given anything that's even two years old is considered ancient.

I'll polish up remaining commissions on the to-do list. After those are done, I would really like to start a Tumblr project that's been nibbling at the back of my head. It's gonna be a biggie...Princess Pinot-noiria, AKA Pony Bacchus, is definitely going to be involved, not to mention a few musical background ponies! Maybe even Robo Luna, who has been waiting for one ever since I brought her up at Bronycon's Artist Palooza panel. Stay tuned ;)

In short: Thanks for the ongoing support everybody! Going to have some big changes going on after my moving hiatus is over. :D
Wow, quite a few of you have expressed interest in digital commissions so far!  Here are the confirmed paid-in-advance commissions on the to-do list:

1.  :iconyttryn: - Filly Fluttershy in a basket getting cuddly with her stuffed teddy bear - COMPLETED!
Cuddleshy by BerryPAWNCH

2.  :iconsiegfried-lindsay: - OC Aerial Party Cannon riding his motorcycle with OC Moto250x on the back, holding a fishing pole with a toaster (including a Rainbow Dash cutie mark on it) on the end as they both speed away through PonyVille with Saunter running after them trying to smack them with a giant sledgehammer-style banhammer - COMPLETED!
Brony to be Wild by BerryPAWNCH

3.  :iconpurewebbster:OC on a sofa watching TV, wearing a costume from the show Thunderbirds, with a huge grin on his face, with his pet ferret sitting beside him, also wearing a costume from the show, but looking very fed up about it.  Background is a basic Ponyville style house - COMPLETED!
Fanboys Are GO by BerryPAWNCH

4.  :iconvoltronz1:Rarity and Sweetie Belle in their EG human forms, wearing Violet Zeo Pony Ranger and the Gold Zeo Pony Ranger outfits respectively, with their helmets off, posing in the throne room of Canterlot - COMPLETED!
It's Ponyin' Time by BerryPAWNCH

5.  :iconiamanewb: - A redraw of this pic with sky background: - PAID, SKETCHING IN PROGRESS

As far as commissions go, I am currently accepting Paypal in advance.  Here's more info regarding my rates:

*  $15 for a single character, $10 per additional character. Drawn in your choice of 3D-like lineless style, or outlined and cel-shaded style.

*  $3 discount per character that is one of the Mane Six or an alicorn princess. $5 discount per character that is Princess Pinot Noiria! Headbang!

*  Rates for backgrounds range from $2 for a simple background (i.e. a sky with no clouds) to $10 (sky with detailed clouds) and up to $20 for a more detailed background (a detailed scene with lots of buildings or natural landscapes).

Once I receive enough paid requests I will post a progress list for commissions currently on the table.